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Carolina graduate students aspire to various career paths, and many express interest in pursuing careers in academics. Both the Graduate School and the other schools/ departments offer training to prepare students for academic careers, and current graduate faculty are also a source of advice for students as they prepare for faculty jobs. However, some graduate students would benefit from one-on-one mentoring from experienced faculty members. With this in mind, The Graduate School proposes a graduate student mentoring partnership with The Retired Faculty Association.
The RFA would provide The Graduate School with names, disciplines and contact information of members who are interested in mentoring. The Graduate School would match retired faculty members with one (or more) graduate students in their or a closely related discipline. Retired faculty members’ contact information would be shared with the graduate students, and they would be encouraged to reach out to their mentors. Each mentor-mentee pair would determine the exact nature of the relationship (some pairs might interact solely over email, while others might meet in person). The frequency of interaction would also be at their discretion. Either the mentor or mentee could pull out if the relationship was not satisfying or other commitments precluded continuing the relationship.
The Graduate School hopes you will be interested in this opportunity.  If so, please contact