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Members of the Retired Faculty Association who published scholarly books that are out of print but still relevant in their field may be able to republish their works in partnership with UNC Press.
The first book published in the project was Purifying the Faith: The Muhammadijah Movement in Indonesian Islam by Jim Peacock, originally published in 1978 and published as an Indonesian version in 2018.  Another example was a book by the late Dorothy Holland describing Durham’s efforts to integrate schools a decade ago. Another book published in the project originally published by the Smithsonian Institution Press was co-authored by the late Ruel Tyson and was a study of primitive Baptists in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Books that were peer reviewed and for which rights have reverted to the authors can be considered. Propose books you or others have published. To learn more, contact John McLeod, University Press, by email at or Jim Peacock at